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I have a 2000 550 XL Dumptruck that needs 1 or 2 leaf springs replaced. I also want to do all the brakes, rotors,drums, all 4 shocks, oil change, fuel & air filters. I would like to put a programmer in it.{ anyone have one?} Need more power on this 7.3
Also need a welder to patch up floor in the dump box. Truck at this point needs sand blasted painted.... Just the frame, box,wheels. It's a lot of little things mostly. I will purchase the parts and materials. I'm looking for a price for part or all of it. I don't want shops to reply. This project is for side work. It will pay( cash )for the person who has the means to do a great job with the Exsperence. No fly by nights please. hiện t.tin l.hệ JV
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