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If you're looking for commercial grade fitness equipment at fractions of retail then look no further . Fitness Equipment Empire Inc has literally TONS and TONS of inventory in stock. Please see WEBSITE for pricing photos inventory and more.


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Brand new BUMPER PLATE SETS (45,25,15,10 lbs pairs) $249Please call TEXT or email

Brand new pairs of 45 lb BUMPER PLATES

Brand new bumper plate racks $129

Brand new iron hex Dumbbells 5-50 lb sets $499

Brand new iron hex Dumbbell sets 5-75 $1075

Brand new iron hex dumbbell sets 5-100 $1199 (5-505s,60-100 10s)

Brand new rubber hex dumbbell sets 5-50 $699

Brand new rubber hex dumbbell sets 5-75 $1499

Brand new rubber hex dumbbell sets 5-100 $1799

Brand new iron Kettlebells .99 lb

Brand new chrome 7 ft 45 lb 750lb rated bars $99

Brand new black oxide empire bearing bars $199

Brand new women's 6ft 30 lb chrome olympic barbells $99

Brand new women's black oxide 6ft 30 lb Olympic barbells $199

Brand new Olympic curl bars with bearings, not cheap hex bolt $59 each

Brand new 6x4 3/4 in commercial flooring gym mats $46 ea

We have a supply brand new 6x4 3/4 in commercial rubber mats / flooring. This flooring is very high end, extremely durable and nearly indestructible. Similar flooring that other companies sell online for 2-3x the price. This flooring is great in gyms obviously as it will protect both your floor and the weights /equipment. This flooring has many other uses / purposes such as for dog kennels, garage floors , basements and more. We will help load. We also offer delivery options for larger purchases for a small fee.

1-99 mats $46 ea
100+ mats $43

Similar mats online costs $150 + tax and shipping
Fitness Equipment Empire Inc has tons of new stock!


Please see our website

Delivery options available for LARGER purchases

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Fitness Equipment Empire
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