làm cho bài đăng này được yêu thích Getting by financially in interesting ways? We want to talk to you. ẩn bài đăng này hiện


We're doing phone interviews in preparation for a new podcast that we plan to launch soon.
(sorry- no pay! but if you turn out to be a relevant guest, social media shout-outs if you want them, - please read rest of this post carefully).

The show will be conversations with individuals who are getting by financially in interesting and alternative ways, across a wide demographic spectrum.

Do you work several gigs to stitch together a living? Do you work less so you have more time for your creative pursuits? Do you work a full-time job but still do another gig(s) on the side? Or do you make income doing something most people wouldn't even know is a 'job?'

These scenarios all make you a potentially ideal guest for the show. And if you're concerned about putting yourself out there by name, we're open to using a pseudonym so you can be anonymous.

Please write a brief (2-3 sentences) email explaining how you're getting by, about how much you make and anything else that you think makes your case interesting. We'll get back to you if we feel your situation makes a good fit. WACKY/SPAMMY EMAILS WILL BE DELETED- SO PLEASE ONLY RESPOND IF YOU'RE SERIOUS.

Thanks very much for your interest!
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